DCK 20grams

(6 customer reviews)

$ 174.00

Purity: 99.9% min

Not for human consumption



CAS No.: 4631-27-0

Molecular Weight: 203.285 g/mol

Boiling Point: 331.3±41.7 °

Flash Point: 129.1±28.3 °C

6 reviews for DCK 20grams

  1. George

    Great product and great price.

  2. Steven W.

    Reasonable price and high quality, I’d buy again.

  3. Donald

    These were favors for my party.

  4. Marc Corbett

    The shipping was quick and easy. Great buy!

  5. George Rickerson

    Works for me!!

  6. Nicholas Drumheller

    I really like it and highly recommend it to others.

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